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Be Part of God's Great Commission:

Placing the Word of God in the Hands of Others

We invite you to partner with us to sow the life-changing Word of God into the hands of others. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and here are some ways you can sow:

  • Pray for this ministry, that doors will be opened in schools across God's land.
  • Purchase Seed Kits and give them away.
  • Donate your time by helping us sponsor a senior class or school in your area and be willing to help distribute the Seed Kits.
  • Sponsor teens at your local church, your Alma Mater, or local schools in your community.
  • Be a monthly or yearly contributor to Bibles for Teens.
  • You may also donate personal items that we could sell or give to those in need for a tax deduction.

Partnership Possibilities:

Platinum Partner

$5,000 Seed
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Gold Partner

$3,500 Seed
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Silver Partner

$2,500 Seed
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Bronze Partner

$1,000 Seed
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$500 Seed
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$250 Seed
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$100 Seed
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Other Donation

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Partnerships may also be monthly contributions. Contact us for more information.

Encourage your friends to participate in this extaordinary sowing opportunity. His Word never returns void. (Isaiah 55:11)